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Knime connection

If you are using Knime for data mining, or want to use it to build and analyze your networks and visualize them in visone, this menu offers the sending of networks to Knime. visone is able to connect with Knime by interchanging networks.

Knime install

Get a copy of Knime from and install it.

Now we need to install the "bison-plugin", go to "Help->Install new software" add "" as update site and install the BisoNet plugin, especially "visone Integration" is needed.

After this installation you should find a number of new nodes in the "BisoNet"-category which can be used to create, manipulate or analyze networks. In the subcategory "visone" you find the "Input Connector"-Node which is used to receive networks from visone and the "Output-Connector"-Node, used to send networks to visone.

For a test, keep your Knime running, add an "Input Connector"-Node and start visone.


The Knime connection enables visone to exchange networks with Knime. Therefore, we introduced the Knime-button (button in the toolbar with Knime-Logo) and the Knime-menu.

"send graph" in the Knime menu

sending and receiving networks

We assume, you have Knime running, with the BisoNet plugin installed, as described above. Start visone, create a random network, and activate the Knime-connection, using the Knime-Button in the toolbar. Now you can send your network to Knime using the item "send graph" in the "Knime"-menu. Switching back to Knime, nothing happens until you execute your "Input Connector", which should immediately load the network into your Knime-Workspace.

You can now use Knime to manipulate your graph, or analyze its attributes, ... Please consider the online documentation of Knime for the options and functionality of the available nodes.

We restrict ourself to the visone connection. Given that your Knime-Button is still pressed, you can now add an "Output Connector" to your workspace, to get your network back into visone. Connect the output of the "Input Connector"-node the the input of the "Output Connector"-node and execute the latter. Now a copy of your original graph appears in visone, and your connection obviously works!

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