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The R console tab has been removed from visone after version 2.6.3. In visone version 2.6.4, or newer, the R console can be opened by clicking on the Console.png icon in the toolbar.

Important note: Due to recent changes in R and/or Rserve the connection will not be usable with the current R versions (> 2.13). This problem is limited to Windows and Macintosh. So please ensure that your R version is not later than 2.13. For more info see the R connection setup.

The R console tab enables to send network data from visone to R (using the igraph package) and vice versa. Refer to visone's option dialog to get more information on how to set up the visone R connection. The visone R interface is illustrated in the tutorial on using visone's R console.



There are three tabs displaying different messages regarding the R connection:

At the bottom of the console you find the

please note that whenever you want to install new libraries or load installed libraries and do not use the default library location, you have to give it as a parameter, i.e.,

 library(sna, lib.loc="C:/R-libs")


 install.packages("sna", dependencies=T, lib="C:/R-libs")

where lib.loc (respectively lib) has to be set to the library location configured in the R connection setup.

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