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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we collect questions about visone that we received more than once or that don't fit anywhere else.

Not enough memory?

Q: I tried to load/save/export this huge graph/adjacency matrix/pdf file and visone tells me it does not have sufficient memory to complete the operations, what can I do?

A: Give visone more memory! That is achieved quite easily:

  1. download the visone jar from our website (in the download section) to some directory
  2. open a console window (terminal on Apple, execute "cmd" in Windows)
  3. go to your directory with the command e.g. with cd c:\directory under windows or cd /directory on MacOS
  4. start visone with additional memory using the command: java -Xmx1g -jar visone-2.6.5.jar

in the last step visone-2.6.5.jar is the file you downloaded in step 1 and -Xmx1g provides visone with 1GB of memory. Of course you can allow more depending on your hardware.

Can I make a copy of my graph?

Sometimes, if you already created a nice picture and want to try out something without changing it, it is advisable to work on a copy instead of risking the original.

Q: How can this be done fast and easy?

A: Basically you can copy the whole graph, create a new one and insert your copy directly, use the following steps:

But you can also do this in one step by holding Ctrl and pressing the keys ACNV in sequence.

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